Guns, Conversation, Post-Truth Era

A capstone to my Cornell education, this project aims to create dialogue between gun-control and gun-rights groups. Through rigorous research, testing, and design, this project prompts viewers to consider, "what is my role in this American gun story?"

Fall 2018 - Present

Role / Skills

Independent Project | Conceptual Design, Design Research, Human Computer Interaction, Fabrication. Coding Help from Sonia Appasamy


Rhino, 3D Printer, Arduino & Related Software, Small Scale Pneumatics

Project Summary

The project aims to make guns tangible to those who know little about them— not just violent abstractions but as mechanical devices. The physical force required, the precision, the coldness of the machined steel against the tip of your index finger.

The hope is for those who know little about guns to go forth with more confidence in their research and understanding. I hope they will be better equipped to talk about gun control with the 100 million Americans who owns guns, so that honest engagement between gun-control and gun-rights groups can happen. And for gun owners, I hope to question whether semi-automatic rifles have a place in American society; whether their benefit is worth their risk.

A Gun that Tells a Story

Melding gun components, a pneumatic system, and embedded electronics, the physical device carries out a series of sequential actions to tell a story for both sides of the gun debate.

RAW Expo; Next Steps

After a successful showing at RAW EXPO, I plan on bringing the project to greater groups of diverse people. I gained valuable feedback at the exhibition and am working on a redesign that further emphasizes the experiential qualities of the device.

Abridged Process