See It for What it Could Be

Years ago I bought a broken bicycle off craigslist, using all the parts except the cracked titanium frame, which sat in my shed for the next few years. Rather than see the frame collect dust, I aimed to reinvent it into something totally anew.

Aug 2016 / 3 weeks

Role / Skills

Independent Project | Furniture Design, Fabrication, TIG Welding


Mill, Lathe, TIG Welder, AutoCAD (waterjet glass top)

Project Summary

The coffee table balances between two contrasting materials: sleek, incredibly strong titanium, and monolithic 1/2" glass. The design aims to disassociate the bicycle frame from its original intent, extracting the slender curves and purposeful geometry as part of the furniture and not the bicycle.

When it comes to TIG welding titanium alloy, it takes incredible control and proper conditions to ensure a strong weld. I only had a handful of hours to practice before welding up the real table, so I tacked the frame pieces together instead of welding the entire bead along the joints. While these initial welds are adequately strong, I look forward to laying down full beads as I improve my welding skill in the future.

Abridged Process